Monday, November 4, 2013

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Send in anything relating to Count St.Germain!

I've noticed a few references to the Count being part of the British Kit-Cat Club.  The club met in various locations in and out of London.  I found that Bloomsbury Bytes provides some good information, including this little tidbit:

“It was a rule of the club that members should have their portraits painted. Jacob Tonson, the famous bookseller, created the club and became its secretary. He made it a weekly gathering of litterateurs, whom he entertained with pies, making it a condition that his guests should sell him their manuscripts. Jonson started the portraiture and had his own picture painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller, the rest following suit. Jonson built a picture gallery as an addition to his villa at Barn Elms. The room was not large enough to take in half-length canvases, and a special size of portrait was invented, 36 inches by 28 inches, and the club became the sponsor of the Kit-Kat canvas, the name which still survives.” (Griffiths, p. 15).

I'm going to start looking for a portrait and possibly some writings.

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