Friday, May 25, 2012

Unveiled Mysteries

I ordered Unveiled Mysteries from ForgottenBooks.Org – which has free e-books.  Unveiled Mysteries by Guy Warren Ballard started the whole “I AM” society.  Ballard talks about how he met Count St.Germain on Mt.Shasta in California.  Ballard was a government employee investigating the rumor of the strange Brotherhood of Mount Shasta.  One day, he was out hiking around, usual for him, and he came across a strange man who turned his water into a “creamy liquid” that was “delicious, the electrical vivifying effect in my body and mind made me gasp in surprise”.  Immediately the strange man starts talking about Universal Supply, which in a nut shell is: If you need something, focus and it will immediately appear.  Ballard goes on to mention that this man rambled on about spiritualism and God.  Who is this mysterious man?  He’s the embodiment of Count St.Germain, one of the Ascended Masters – you could say that he is channeling the Count.  Ballard and this man do some astral traveling, the man can transport himself from one place to the other, and talks about God even more.

I dislike the I AM stuff because it's 1. Not verifiable, 2. Not objective, and 3. Reads like literature from a cult.  It's an interesting read especially if you're into psychic abilities and spiritualism.  It is just not good source material for Count St.Germain.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have updated the bibliography.  Look for articles and books, most of which are e-books or are available online.

Just curious here.  How many readers do I have for this blog?


I should put together a list of names that the Count used.  It might come in handy for later research.  Heck, it might come in handy for any reader who comes across this research blog.

  • Count St. Germain
  • Weldon/Welldoun
  • Saltikoff
  • de Saint-Noel
  • Marquis de Montferrat
  • Comte Bellamarre
  • Chevalier Schoenin
  • Graf Tzarogy
  • Prinz Ragoczy
  • Major Fraser

If I missed a name, let me know and I'll update the list.
I came across this article from Ghostwoods on the Count.  It's great, but I wonder where all the information came from.  There are bits and pieces of factoids that I have not heard yet.