Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Portrait?

I was sent this photo by O.M. who provided me with the information: "This was painted in 1759.  The Count was using the name Count Gronsveld.  It's in the small porcelain museum in the mayor's office in Weesp, Holland."

I went searching on the web, since I can't just make a trip half way around the world right now.

I looked up Weesp and I went to the address that is stamped on the picture.

"Bertram Philip Sigismund Albrecht of HRR Empire Graaf Van Gronsveld Diepenbroick Impel (1715-1772) The portrait was painted by GJJ the Spinny in 1759" is listed HERE.

Sorry O.M., but this is a portrait of Bertram Philip Sigismund Albrecht - just as it states.  Everything that I come across points to this.