This is a continually updated dossier on the Count.

  • Count Saint Germain (also St.Germain or Saint-Germain)
  • Welldone (also Weldoun/Weldon/Weldorn/Welldown)
  • de Saint-Noel
  • Saltykoff (also Saltikov)
  • Marquis de Montferrat
  • Bellamarre
  • Bedmar
  • Belmar
  • Schoening
  • Tzarogy
  • Prince Francis Leopold Ragoczy
  • Belletti
  • Fraser
  • Marquis d'Aymar
  • Giovannini
  • Simon Wolff (according to Marquise de Crequy)
  • Count Surmont
  • Prinz Ragoczy
  • Frater Laicus Tertiarius
  • Denis S.M.

Eyes: Brown, "soft and penetrating" according to Comtesse d'Adhemar, possibly Oriental, narrow.

Hair: Black

Face: Aquilline features and nose.

Height: Medium or slightly-less-than medium height

Other Markings: Dimple on chin, small feet, delicate hands, "magnificent teeth",  ambidextrous (to the point of being able to write two different things at the same time while singing), small scar on hand (incident with de Gergy's embroidery needle)

Languages Spoken Fluently: German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French with a Piedmontese accent, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Chinese.

Arts: Violin, Musical Composing, Piano, Singing, Painting, Author

Professional: Chemistry, Alchemy, Textile/Dye Manufacturing, Velum Paper Manufacturing, Diplomat, Inventor, Medical Advisor (but not a doctor)

Known diet: Oatmeal, groats, and white meat of chicken.  On the rare occasion he will drink wine.

Quirks: Possible germaphobe

Other: Has a man named Roger/Zeffort who he travels with for "500 years".  Nickname from French court "Prince of Diamonds".