Thursday, June 13, 2013

Currently, I am trying to figure out a good thesis topic for a masters degree in History.  Obviously, I have the resources...hard to pin point it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Charles of Hesse-Kassel

Charles of Hesse-Kassel dressing in The Order of The Elephant.  Painter unknown.  18th Century.
Charles of Hesse-Kassel is a crucial figure in the mysterious biography of Count St.Germain.  Supposedly, the Count died at the residence of Charles, but personal items were never found (only general items like a few pieces of clothes, pocket change, etc).  Who was Charles of Hesse-Kassel?

Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel (19 December 1744 – 17 August 1836) was a cadet member of the house of Hesse-Kassel and a Danish general field marshal. Brought up with relatives at the Danish court, he spent most of his life in Denmark, serving as royal governor of the twin duchies of Schleswig-Holstein from 1769 to 1836.

In 1769, Prince Charles of Hesse was appointed royal Governor of the twin duchies of Schleswig and Holstein on behalf of the government of his brother-in-law, King Christian VII of Denmark and Norway.  This is important because he would take arms in the Russo Swedish War in 1788-1790 - fighting in allegiance with Russia and Norway.

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New addition to the bibliography:
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