Monday, November 11, 2013

My Vlad-Germain Theory

Let me make a statement saying that while I came up with this theory, I don't really believe it (but sometimes it seems to make sense).  I was writing a 25-page paper on the Count for class and simultaneously collecting source material for my thesis paper on Vlad Dracula.  I also had a documentary playing on tv about the Knights Templar.

Here it goes.

The Knights Templar, as you may know, started during the Crusades (the 12th century).  They were warrior-monks who claimed to protect travelers going to and fro Jerusalem (and surrounding areas).  In the beginning of the 14th century (1307 to be exact) the Knights Templar were spurned by the church and persecutions began to happen.  Knights were being burned at the stake, killed in a variety of ways, was terrible.  During the two centuries that the Knights Templar were active, they were known to have acquired an exorbitant amount of wealth, a massive fleet of ships, and some legendary items like the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.  During the start of the Medieval inquisition that killed so many of the Knights, the Grand Master Jacques de Molay had the Templars pack up the fleet of ships and sent out Knights with the Templar treasure.  They went in all directions, the fleet was never found and most of the treasure was never recovered.

Two-headed eagle
Cross (St.George cross)

Two Knights on a Horse
Above are a few common symbols of the Knights Templar.

Since the Templars went in all directions in order to hide their possessions and to escape persecution, its incredibly probably that some of them ended up in eastern Europe.  In fact, it doesn't take a genius to look at the Order of the Dragon to realize this.  The Order of the Dragon was started in the early 15th century (1408) and was a highly selective order that led many campaigns to keep the Ottomans out of Europe.  Below are the main symbols of the Order of the Dragon.  The dragon is from the story of St.George and the dragon.

Ouroboros Dragon with St.George Cross
Cross (St.George Cross)
A crest for the Order of the Dragon
Vlad Dracula was inducted into the Order because his father, Vlad II Dracul, was in the order.  By the age of 13, Vlad Dracula had completed his early knighthood training.  Dracula's education consisted of grammar, rhetoric, logic, Latin, astrology, philosophy, and mathematics. Students were encouraged to venture out to the countryside in order to learn about hunting, trapping, and other common going-ons in nature.  With his knighthood training he was taught swimming, fencing, jousting, archery, court etiquette, and horsemanship. Dracula had many tutors brought in by his father to ensure a fine intellect. Dracula learned Italian, possibly a little French, the humanities, the classics, and history from his first tutor. Dracula had probably picked up some Hungarian while in Transylvania and German, as well. He, of course, knew his native Romanian language since he needed it to command his future army. The royal scribes taught him the Cyrillic script, Slavonic, and Latin. Political theory was the “new science” being taught to the sons of princes, as well as the theory of divine right and the politics of raison d'etat.

Vlad Dracula and his younger brother Radu were given to the Sultan by their father as hostages, so the Ottomans wouldn't invade.  It was a shitty thing to do.  There's suggestions that they were molested and/or raped while with the Ottomans.  BUT, they were given a Muslim education.  They were given instruction in the Koran, the principles of Islamic theology, and Islamic law, with an emphasis on statecraft and military science instead of religion.  The liberal arts, physical exercise, manual training, and vocational training were also important constructs of a well-rounded Palace education.  Learning Turkish, Arabic, and Persian languages was very typical, as well as familiarizing one's self with the literature, history, and mathematics.  The physical exercise was a combination of gymnastics, olympic sports, and horsemanship.

(Makes you rethink Vlad Dracula, doesn't it?)

Anyway, by his late-teens Vlad Dracula had escaped the Muslims and began his first reign (out of three) of Wallachia and Transylvania.  He was into absolute justice - you're either good or bad, no grey area what-so-ever.  If you were bad, usually you got tossed up onto a stake.  It was a scare tactic to force people into following the laws of the land...and it worked.  The people of Wallachia and Transylvania regarded him in a very positive way.  He has some Arthurian-like legends about him because he was so highly regarded.  He brought back the economy, he wanted to industrialize his lands, and he was excellent at keeping the Ottomans out of Europe (his lands blocked the Ottoman Empire from the rest of Europe).  There were also rumors that Dracula had acquired a mysterious treasure.

Hungary got really pissed off with Dracula because he was getting money from the Pope (Dracula wasn't Catholic, he was Orthodox).  Propaganda flew around until Dracula was kicked off the throne and essentially put on house arrest for somewhere around 12 years.  The Hungarian were terrible at keeping out the Ottomans, so Europe ended up with an invasion on their hands.  Dracula eventually had a short third reign where he supposedly died in battle.  Now at this time they did use some battle tactics such as look-a-likes.  As the story goes, Dracula's head was put into a jar of honey and taken to the Sultan, BUT no one has ever found the body of Dracula.  In his grave there were just some animal bones.  Whatever the case may be, everyone seems to agree that in December 1476/January 1477 he was severely injured from war and the people were informed that he was dead, though the location of where he died is still a mystery.

Here's where the theory starts to take off.

What if he was severely injured, but was taken to a secret place (lets just say a monastery because monks can keep quiet) to recuperate?  What if he retreated, after the announcement of his death, to where the Order of the Dragon held Templar treasure?  He was a very intelligent man and there's not a lot known about his time between his second and third reigns.  Could he have drank from the Holy Grail, eventually becoming the Count St.Germain?  A haircut and a shave could easily transform him into someone new.


Okay readers, what do you think?  Like I mentioned, I came up with it while in the middle of a bunch of writing projects for school.


  1. I doubt it. After all Wallachian was not mentioned in the list of languages he was fluent in. I think the most likely theory is that he was a member of a noble family from what is now Piedmont. It would explain his numerous skills - music, painting...

  2. Interestingly, about a month ago I began to research Vlad Dracul in connection with the Voynich manuscript. That led me to the idea of St. Germaine. St. Germaine is said to have lived in a castle in Translvania. St. Germaine is the honey of the new age occult belief of ascended masters and is believed to be immortal. St. Germaine is associated with a dragon symbol, there is a drawing of a dragon in the Voynich manuscript and Vlad Dracul belonged to the order of the Dragon.


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