Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Faked Death?

The follow is a chapter scanned from Jean Overton-Fuller's The Comte de Saint-Germain.  Last Scion of the House of Rakoczy.

Many people believe that the Count died February 27, 1784 in a state of poverty.  I think this is incredibly wrong and that this is the official date of his faked death (with the help of Charles of Hesse).  What you will find in the text (just click to enlarge them) is that he left behind some clothes, a small amount of money, some toiletries, and two pistols.  There are no notebooks or journals listed, no music or instruments, no gems, no art supplies (he was known to paint), and no collected items from his travels.


  1. I do think it is possible the death of the Comte was faked. It would of been quite easy in those days as most people were prepared for burial at home. This was quite common up until World War II, before funeral homes took over this aspect of life.
    It is possible they paid off someone to rob a grave or get a body of a homeless person.

  2. I think his death was faked, also, though I think that it was also a spiritual transition of sorts. He needed to be able to travel and come and go more freely and anonymously. His transition is described in interesting detail towards the end of the book, The Red Lion, by Maria Szepes.


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