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Edgar de Valcourt-Vermont

I have been on a quest for information on Edgar de Valcourt-Vermont since he went out of his way to use the name Count St.Germain.  Edgar de Valcourt-Vermont wrote three books under the name of Count Saint-Germain and one other book under Valcourt-Vermont - that I know of.

What I have not been able to find are any photographs of Edgar de Valcourt-Vermont through the internet.  If you come across one, please send me a digital copy!

Books written:
  • Saint-Germain, Comte C. de. Practical Astrology: a Simple Method of Casting Horoscopes: The Language of the Stars, easily Comprehended.  Laird & Lee Publishers; Chicago, 1901.  
  • Saint-Germain, Comte C. de. Practical Hypnotism: Theories and Experiments.  Laird & Lee Publishers; Chicago, 1901.
  • Saint-Germain, Comte C. de. Practical Palmistry.  Laird & Lee Publishers; Chicago, 1897.
  • Valcourt-Vermont, Edgar de. America Heraldica. Bretano Publishing: New York, 1887.  Illustrated by Auguste Leroy.

To the right
This picture is of Emma Calve.  She has signed this photograph to the Count.  It reads: "To M. Comte
Saint-Germain, le grand chiromancier, pu de see me dire les choses de vraies, Emma Calve, 1897."

In English this translates to: "To Mister Count Saint-Germain, the Grand Chiromancer, (literal translation) able to see me put it real, Emma Calve, 1897."

From the National Archives via
Valcourt-Vermont, Edourd.  Boarder.  White.  Male.  Birth: January 1848.  Age: 52.  Married: 20y.  Marriage Date: 1880.  From: France.  Immigration Year: 1885. Residence: Chicago Ward 34, Cook, Illinois
Valcourt-Vermont, Anna.  Border.  White.  Female.  Birth: March 1849.  Age: 51.  Married: 20y.  Marriage Date: 1880.  From: Belgium.  Residence: Chicago Ward 34, Cook, Illinois.

The address taken from a photocopy (on of the census records is: 5630 Woodlawn Avenue

Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place:  Chicago Ward 34CookIllinois; Roll:  T623_ 289; Page:  16B; Enumeration District:  1077.

To Left

This letter is currently available for purchase at for $40.00

It's not the best picture, but it definitely places our man in Chicago, Illinois in 1897.


  1. Fascinating! I have heard on the internet that Vermont was a writer for a newspaper in Chicago. He later wrote his palmistry book and a few others using the title "Le Comte de St. Germain".

  2. Checkout "Chirology in America" on google. I don't believe everything I read but you may get a lead from this.

  3. If you are after actual photos of the Count St. Germain, I know of one - there is a photo of Madame Helena Blavatsky seated with her three male teachers standing behind her, the one farthest right is supposedly the count. If it is him, he was indeed very handsome.


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