Friday, March 27, 2015

New Count St.Germain Sighting?

I received an email about a new sighting of the Count.  It happened in the 1940s at Bohemian Grove, California and comes from the private journals of writer and storyteller Mr.E.B. (name abbreviated upon request).  Mr.E.B.'s grandson, Mr.R.W. sent me the following email:

"By trade my grandfather was a writer, a story teller, but in all his stories he had a sense of truth. For this story my grandfather, whose name was Mr.E.B., had written in his private journal, with receipts, lists of dates, people and places, timelines and other indications that this was more than just a story; a true tale that he was telling me.

"The story is… My grandfather said that while at Bohemian Grove (in the 1940s) he met a man who was like a man out of time. He was mysterious, kind, extremely well liked, yet other people didn’t know who he actually was.

While at the Grove, my grandfather asked the man, whom he had people call him Marcus S. Garmin (coincidence in almost an anagram?) if he would have dinner with him; to which “Marcus” replied kindly that he only eats alone. Then my grandfather asked if he would rather have a drink? Marcus agreed to that but only drank spring water, to which my grandfather said he added “flavoring” from a small glass bottle he kept in the inside breast pocket of his outdated, but still new looking jacket.

"They talked for a while about art, science, weather, politics, literature and of my grandfather’s writings. Then the man told my grandfather a story about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He said Marcus recounted the event as if he were actually there. He said that the men who were to sign this Declaration were all afraid of being punished for treason. (He stated that this took place at Carpenters Hall in August of 1775.) Upon hearing this from the cowardly men, the man (Marcus) said, a stranger stood up and revolted…. “The Gods gave America the freedom to be.”

"This story has stuck with me since my grandfather told me this in the early 90’s. It brings me to the point I am writing to you today. I have been reading into the men in black phenomena, and I have come across an entry in one of the books by Jim Keith that mirrors the man Marcus’ story. The book, Casebook on the Men in Black, has a passage in chapter 2, pages 28-29, that has the men that signed the Declaration of Independence in the State House in Philadelphia… they are afraid their lives will be forfeit for their audacity…a voice rang out… and they noticed a stranger… he cried out, “God has given America to be free.”

I know what you’re thinking; that my grandfather or the man Marcus just read the book or heard the story before and just recounted it. But the book by Keith wasn’t written until 1997, when my grandfather was ill and shortly before his passing. I heard the tale from him in the early 90’s as well. The man Marcus could have heard the story, but why would he change the place and date of when and where the Declaration was signed?

"One last thing. I looked up the painting of The Signing of the Declaration of Independence on Google. I searched the faces, finding the most common men that we are taught in history class. But then I noticed someone… someone I believe to be the Count de St. Germain. If you are at all interested in what I have told you today, look up the famous painting on Google. The first photo, which is the largest, is the one I looked at. You can find this man to the left of Mr. Franklin, he is seated in front of a door, in an odd position."

John Trumbull's The Signing of The Declaration of Independence
Bohemian Grove, if you've never heard of it, is a men-only private club outside of San Francisco, CA that has members ranging from politicians, artists, writers, actors, business leaders, media heads, and people of considerable power.  There have been attempts in the past by regular folk to break in.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Hello Jessie, did you receive my email about him? It's Erdem from before. I'm personally happy to see you're still looking for him. Thank you for the post.

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