Sunday, December 16, 2012

What am I doing? Why am I doing this?

Hello Jessie Desmond,

Before I comment, please take my reflections as mere friendly hand-skakes. No disrepect given, in other words. As the saying goes: One must do as one is compelled to do.

Two things about finding Comte de St. Germain: firstly, if you're interested in historical information that's one thing, there's much to be had; but how can one be certain he's still with us? If he was and had in his possession the Lapis (as history indicates), he would very likely be hybernating in some distant, non-commercial, location - I would! - wouldn't you?

Those that completed the Magnum Opus, namely the Royal Art of alchemy, often remove themselves from larger populated areas to continue their 'spiritual work'. I wouldn't be surprised if he was alive, he would be in a remote area of the world - just saying.

Secondly, have you ever explored military-declassified 'remote viewing' before? If one is to uncover such an advanced entity, we should pursue him by what he also used, namely, remote viewing. There're numerous references of St.Germain looking at future events, etc. Why not use the same "skill"?

The third comment, I couldn't resist: what benefit is there for such an entity - dance with danger! - by showing themselves other than for silly American entertainment and vanity-related pursuits. That has, I'm certain, little to do with the existence of such entity.

Best regards,
I've had a few people ask me what I'm doing and why I'm so interested in the Count, just like Krisztian here. So let me make some comments here and hopefully that will satisfy everyone.

Count Saint-Germain from

Marvel Comic's

Frankenstein-Dracula War
I realize that the Count would probably have some remote location of residence. I'm not out to find out where that may be. I'm interested in knowing if he's real or not and to possibly meet him. He seems like a pretty awesome guy. On the flip side to his remote location, he also seems to like to keep an eye on the world. This means that he has a public face.

Remote viewing, I am more than aware of it, is not a viable way of researching. I'm trying to do this in a proper scholarly manner.

His benefits for meeting me? No idea. Doesn't mean it would be lame. I'd just like to meet him, shake his hand, and maybe draw his portrait or something.

If history was without mysteries like that which surrounds the Count, then history would be dull. I've been intrigued with the Count for 19 or 20 years now. I'll continue to look into the mystery that surrounds him until I die. He's fascinating.

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