This is a continually updated dossier on the Count.

  • Count Saint Germain (also St.Germain or Saint-Germain)
  • Welldone (also Weldoun/Weldon/Weldorn/Welldown)
  • de Saint-Noel
  • Saltykoff (also Saltikov)
  • Marquis de Montferrat
  • Bellamarre
  • Bedmar
  • Belmar
  • Schoening
  • Tzarogy
  • Prince Francis Leopold Ragoczy
  • Belletti
  • Fraser
  • Marquis d'Aymar
  • Giovannini
  • Simon Wolff (according to Marquise de Crequy)
  • Count Surmont
  • Prinz Ragoczy
  • Frater Laicus Tertiarius

Eyes: Brown, "soft and penetrating" according to Comtesse d'Adhemar, possibly Oriental, narrow.

Hair: Black

Face: Aquilline features and nose.

Height: Medium or slightly-less-than medium height

Other Markings: Dimple on chin, small feet, delicate hands, "magnificent teeth",  ambidextrous (to the point of being able to write two different things at the same time while singing)

Languages Spoken Fluently: German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French with a Piedmontese accent, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Chinese.

Arts: Violin, Musical Composing, Piano, Singing, Painting, Author

Professional: Chemistry, Alchemy, Textile/Dye Manufacturing, Velum Paper Manufacturing, Diplomat, Inventor, Medical Advisor (but not a doctor)

Known diet: Oatmeal, groats, and white meat of chicken.  On the rare occasion he will drink wine.

Quirks: Possible germaphobe

Other: Has a man named Roger/Zeffort who he travels with for "500 years".