This is a text and visual list of the Count's friends and acquaintences.
Joanna Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp.  Mother of Catherine the Great.

Catherine the Great

Louis XV, King of France
Madame d'Adhemar
Madame d'Adhemar by Henry Cros
Graf von Gleichen.  By Louis Carrogis Carmontelle
Jean-Phillipe Rameau

Grigory Orlov, Russian Statesman
Hans Sloane, Irish physician and collector
Frontis page of music by Handel, by publisher John Walsh
Mdm. du Pompadour
Baron Robert Clive
Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, duc de Belle-Isle
Count Hans Willem Bentinck
Giacomo Casanova
Johann Karl Philippe, Graf Cobenzl
Stéphanie Félicité, comtesse de Genlis
Jeanne de la Rochefoucauld, marquise d’Urfé

Prince Lobkowitz

1740 Portrait of Ferdinand Prince Lobkowicz Duke of Sagan in Silesia, Engraving by Johann Christoph Sysang

Count Zobor
Count Lambert
Emperor Francis I (who he studied speculative chemistry with)

Regent M. Phillip de Bourbon - Duke of Orleans

Madame de Maine (Duchesse) (Louise Francoise de Bourbon)

Mademoisselle Julie de Lespinasse (shared lodgings with)

Self portrait by La Tour

Marechale de Boufflers

Madame de Luxembourg
Montgolfier brothers
Lavoisier (chemist)
Vaucasson (applied sciences)

M. de La Condamine

King Edward II


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